SA: Eagle View 4WD Track – Day Trip

SA: Eagle View 4WD Track - Day Trip


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Eagle View 4WD Track
159 Three Chain Road, Sanderston, South Australia, 5237

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Come and join us for a drive around Eagle View 4WD Track. The cost of this event is $60.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions gatherings are limited to 20 people. If we have more than 20 people coming along for this event we will spilt into groups under the 20 person  limit and have 30 mins to an hour gap between groups arriving and starting the track.

About Eagle View (from Eagle View website):

This is a self drive 4WD track through our Private Conservation Area
The track is designed to be a scenic drive through our rough and rugged country side.
Access to the track requires a 4WD vehicle with low range.
The track is about a 3 hour drive with many scenic spots to stop and enjoy.
Entry permit cost $60 per vehicle for a one way loop of the property

4WDs must have low range (No AWDs allowed)
4WDs must be road worthy, registered and in good/safe working order.
Conservation Area –  No Pets Allowed
This is Private Property any one entering the property must obey directions from the owners or staff
You must take full responsibility for your vehicle and its passengers
The owners or staff can close and refuse entry to any section of the property and can terminate access at any time

Never park your vehicle in dry grass only stop in clear areas
Vehicle must remain on the designated track at all times and not cause damage to the track
Any off track driving will incur a $200 fine per incident plus the cost of repairs and any rehabilitation work
Any off track sight seeing must be on foot and children be under adult supervision
Native animals and stock must not be chased or unduly disturbed
All rubbish must be returned
No Fires ( Gas BBQ allowed at certain times of the year please ask first)
No Smoking
Gates must be left as per instructions by owner
Give way to and respect walkers
No Pets Allowed


Bookings are closed for this event.