About Us

After the overwhelming success of the Facebook group “Pajero 4×4 Drivers of Australia”, a few members of the page began talking about forming a nationally recognised Club. After hours of research on what was required to get the ball rolling, these key members started calling out for interest from the members; asking if anyone would be willing to put their hands in their pocket to make the dream come true. The goal was to take advantage of the benefits that a legally registered Club can gain; bringing like-minded Pajero and 4WD owners together for regular meetings across the country, for social events, sausage sizzles, day and weekend 4×4 trips and more!

After an amazing response, the National Pajero 4×4 Club of Australia Inc. was legally registered on 17th May, 2017. All members that were generous enough to donate funds, became known as “Founding Members”

Since then, volunteers have stepped up across the country, to form an Executive Board, State Reps, Social Media, Merchandising and Digital Services Officers. These key people donate their time for the love of the Club, and their passion for camping and four-wheel-driving. We have also gathered an impressive list of sponsors, who offer discounts, services and products as prizes for events and raffles.

In 2023, the presiding Board began to discuss the concept of truly displaying our all-inclusive nature, and started bouncing the idea of creating a “trading-as” name. After discussions with the member base, and a supporting vote, the Club began trading as the National 4×4 Club of Australia on 16th August, 2023.

The Club welcomes all makes and models of 4wd, and fosters a family friendly environment where members can share knowledge, modifications, exchange ideas and learn new techniques to improve both their vehicles and 4wd skills. Through sister sites on Facebook, the Club itself is allied with similar minded Facebook Pajero groups across Australia, making our knowledge base the biggest in the country!