Big Desert Intermediate/Advanced Sand Driving [N4]


17/05/2024 - 19/05/2024    
14:30 - 13:30


Big Billy Bore Camping Area
Big Billy Bore Camping Area
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Expedition Bulletin Updated 14-05-2024 10:00

Event Description
Big Desert Intermediate/Advanced Sand Driving
This is a dual day event with camping optional for those interested from Friday, camping is not part of the event, but people are welcome to camp along with our crew, the club and other community members on a personal basis. Crew arriving from lunch time 2 onsite and confirmation of camping position will be available in this event group by around 3pm.

Camping Location & Meeting Point
FRI 17-05-2024 1400 @ Big Billy Bore Campground (Core Crew Arrival)
SAT 18-05-2024 0830 @ Leaving from Big Billy Bore Campground (Anyone arriving SUPER late, or very early need to know we are taking off around this time the following morning)

Google location

The final 48 kilometres to the campground consist of a gravel road accessible by 2WD/mode and vehicles. However, the Murrayville-Nhill Rd can become extremely slippery when wet. Additionally, wildlife collisions are frequent during dawn and dusk, and the road features blind crests. It’s important to stay on the correct side of the road at these crests, as there have been numerous collisions where the road crests and curves.

Communication UHF 58 unless otherwise stated, assume 58 while traveling to the campground you may reach fellow All Terranians on the road 🙂

Approx Distance
Day 1 Saturday – Approx 110km of SAND driving. Plus, 40km of gravel road driving. Netting Fence, Pella (Partial/Short), Milmed Rock Track and a stop at Milmed Rock Dune as a feature (bypassable for those not interested in the obstacle).

Video of Optional Milmed Dune

Day 2 Sunday – Approx 20km of SAND driving. Plus, 14km of gravel road driving.

Quickest route via Delisio Track on the sand to Big Dune for some BIG DUNE attempts, before returning to camp to go home. Expected 9am departure, return around 2pm. It’s noted its around 5-6hrs back to Melbourne so most people should expect to get home after dusk.

Video of Optional Big Dune

Ensure you have a full tank of fuel at the last service point (Nhill), you should allow your vehicle to be able to cover around the distances mentioned above, there is fuel in Pinaroo SA (approx. 120km return trip 60% gravel 40% tarmac 1hr 30min round trip drive) for refuel so its recommended to bring extra fuel if you do not think you will have enough. Sand driving for the Adventra for example was around 20L/100km and for our Fortuner was around the same. I’ve seen vehicles use as much as 30L/100km so be aware of this situation.

Remember It is 110km one way from Big Billy Campground to Nhill which is the way we will go home on Sunday, so you also need enough fuel to get to Nhill as well.

Trip Limit & Order
If it is recognised that we need to group split, we will follow a procedure set out by the organisers.
If there is a group split it will be based on experience, more experienced going first and the less experienced ground second with separate organisers as directed by person in charge. Each convoy will operate on their own UHF channels upon leaving camp, until they return to camp and will be separated in the morning by approximately 30 minutes. The experienced group should move along faster than the less experienced group overall.

Each trip leader will have a form of Satellite Communication by SMS between Alpha & Bravo groups for purpose of communication.

Trip Standard
Intermediate to Advanced, ideal for stock 4WD and high-clearance AWD vehicles. In this terrain, rear lockers won’t provide a significant advantage in the terrains we expect to traverse. However, a rear LSD (Limited Slip Differential) will be beneficial.

Most dual range vehicles will use 4H for most of the day but this will vary between 4WD vehicle setups, tire inflation and deflation are necessary, and all attendees should have their own equipment to do this. Please don’t rely on others as it will slow down our day.

Recovery Equipment
5W UHF Radio required. Most vehicle UHFs installed are 5W, some few handhelds are 5W if you are unsure contact us – this is a mandatory requirement. Please do not try to come with a primary use handheld radio less than 5W. We use GME TX6160 handhelds which are 5W IP67 grade radios.

Crew, Trip Leaders and any Trip Assisting Volunteers must come equipped with the following basic recovery equipment for their vehicle:

• Minimum 8,000kg snatch strap
• Winch tow rope
• 2 shackles (soft ideally)
• Minimum 1kg chemical fire extinguisher
• Permanent Vehicle Installed UHF radio (5W) plus a secondary handheld (2-5W)
• First Aid Kit

Good Condition All Terrain tyres or Road Highway Terrain tyres are suitable for this trip.
Air compressor is required, if you don’t have one, please decide with another attendee to share. This is a responsibility of your own. Trip leaders will be focused on leading a successful and safe day. If you don’t know anyone attending contact the organiser.
Vehicle Cap 20 vehicles plus crew/leaders.

Need to be self-sufficient for food and drinks for the entire weekend.

All vehicles MUST CARRY 5L of drinking water per person onboard.
All persons must understand how their own recovery equipment works and ensure recovery equipment is accessible in an emergency event without emptying the contents of their vehicle, if needed relocate recovery equipment bag to the top of your carrying load.

Any non-members of the National 4×4 Club of Australia will require to sign a liability waiver prior to the trip starting. You can learn more about joining our affiliated 4WD club and the benefits you receive for been a club member on associated trips with the club here×4-of-aus/

Trip Organiser Contact
Assuming split groups the below contacts are relevant, in event it forms to a single group any of these contact methods are usable.

Chris Baker Mobile 0421 385 458

Alpha Group Leader (more experienced) – William Hameeteman
Alpha Group 2IC – Jason Fields
Alpha Group Assisting – Walter Angus

Bravo Group Leader (less experienced) – Chris Baker
Bravo Group 2IC – Andrew Craig
Bravo Group Assisting – Jason Hameeteman

SMS only satellite number 0488 817 437 reachable during the day held by the ALPHA group.

SMS and calls by in-motion Starlink always on 0421 385 458 reachable during the day held by BRAVO group.

Costs & Payments
All Terrain Action thanks you for your continued support for your $50 payment to us to support covering our operational costs for content creation portion of our events. This can be made here

Referance Videos
We have this video from 2 ½ years ago which shows you netting fence, pella, milmed but we camped at a different location in this series. It will give you some idea at least.

Club Statement
The trip leader is offering a structured tour-style four-wheel-drive experience with the sole purpose of introducing guest community members to the world of four-wheel driving.

If you are interested in joining a 4WD club and enjoying the numerous benefits, please feel free to discuss with your trip leaders. We have established programs in partnership with the National 4×4 Club of Australia to cater to your needs and interests in everything 4WD and camping.

Fully captured event, you pre-agree that your vehicle will be displayed on an All Terrain Action episode.

This sponsored by the National 4×4 Club of Australia. Find all the details about becoming a member of our affiliated 4×4 Club at×4-of-aus/. If you choose not to join, you’ll need to sign a liability insurance and indemnity waiver and you may only attend a maximum of 3 trips as a guest before you no longer can attend our events. We strongly recommend membership to gain access to the additional programs we offer.

This is a duplicate event posted on the All Terrain Action group so its advised that the attending people shown in this event, may not reflect the true total amount. We will advise once the event is full and closed for new attendees by post as soon as we confirm payments to the count.