Burgoyne Track (East), Chromite Mine & B1 Track – Vic High Country

Burgoyne Track (East), Chromite Mine & B1 Track - Vic High Country
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Regarding the club activities, I would like to formally announce my intention to organise a day trip for anyone interested in exploring the Burgoyne Tk (East) side in the High Country. This excursion entails approximately 4-6 hours of four-wheel driving, with around 25% of the journey involving challenging terrains, ranging from medium to difficult levels of wombat holes, shallow river crossing (Wellington River) and some steep gradients generally rock/gravel based terrain. Event is weather dependant and requires dry conditions leading up and on the day.
I am sharing this information in advance to confirm the date. The event coincides with the weekend preceding the Monday Labor Day holiday in Victoria. While the main event takes place on Sunday, there is an option for camping. Personally, I plan to camp from Saturday to Monday at a nearby location close to the track. Although this camping aspect is not officially part of the event, I am open to others joining me and camping at the same location on their own terms. They can then travel to the meeting point on Sunday.
We will depart at 9:30 am from the starting point of Burgoyne Track (East), located off Licola Rd (specific GPS coordinates will be provided later). The plan includes a lunch break at a lookout point near a helipad, offering a panoramic view of the high country. Afterward, we will continue our journey on Chromite Mine track, heading up to B1, before concluding the day’s adventure on Tamboritha Rd. This route leads back to Licola via gravel and tarmac roads. Participants are expected to be self-sufficient in terms of food and drinks.
It’s important to note that while the track is not excessively challenging, it does present some difficulties. Previous guests have faced challenges such as broken steering racks and blown front differentials. Thus, having some off-road driving experience is recommended as the result of these was from driver error, more than vehicle weakness. However, this trip also serves as a learning opportunity we’ve had factory suspension + all terrain hilux and fortuners on this track and of course our Adventra’s manage it just fine with only off-road traction control systems. As long as you have a capable vehicle, it offersto be an enjoyable and educational day.